Growing Lemons

August 22nd, 2019

with Steven Biggs

Growing Lemons Podcast

In our weekly podcast, we often talk about the ever-growing trend of growing your own fruit and vegetables. This week on Down the Garden Path, we look at the challenge of growing lemons, a fruit which can be difficult to grow here in the GTA.

Author Steven Biggs joins us to discuss his book Grow Lemons Where You Think You Can’t.

About the book:

Tips, techniques, and anecdotes for growing these fruitful and fragrant ornamental trees in garden zones where they don’t usually survive. Covering everything from lemon varieties, to location and watering, to pruning and shaping, to overwintering, dealing with pests, and more. This book will give you the confidence you need to grow and harvest fresh lemons wherever you live.

Steven and his daughter Emma are the Garage Gardeners and have co-authored Gardening with Emma. Steven’s previous books include Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t and No Guff Vegetable Gardening.

During this episode, Steven discusses the different varieties of lemons, growing conditions for lemons in northern climates and the all-important winter protections. He also gives us a source for purchasing lemon trees via mail order: Fruit Trees and More.

After speaking with Steven, I am definitely inspired to pick up a lemon tree and try growing some of my own. Listen to this week’s podcast and let me know if you are, too.

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