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November 4th, 2019

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The Down the Garden Path podcast is five years old this month! In this special “Ask Us Anything” episode, Joanne and Matthew celebrated by inviting listeners to write or call in with their gardening, landscape design or podcast-related questions.

Some of the topics they covered include:

  • whether it’s safe to plant trees in the fall or should it wait until they are dormant and plant in the winter.
  • solutions for a listener who didn’t want to take the pump of their pond. Can a heater be used to prevent the pond from freezing?
  • if it’s still okay to apply fall fertilizer on our lawns.
  • the best ways to protect roses for the winter.

Thanks to everyone who called or wrote in with questions and well-wishes. In the spirit of celebration, each listener who reached out was entered to win a prize and five prizes were awarded.

Each week on the Down the Garden Path podcast, professional landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing share tips and to-dos for your garden, answer listener questions and share with you what’s happening in the garden centre and in their own gardens.

Tune in to each Monday at 7pm to listen to them live.

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