Trimming and Dividing Ornamental Grasses Is Easy If You Follow These Steps

May 3rd, 2013

Spring is the time to trim your ornamental grasses.

trimming ornamental grasses

Cut them back low to the ground as shown









It is still a little wet to divide the perennial grasses.  As soon as the soil dries up a bit, it will be a good time to divide your clump(s) if you feel they are getting too large.

Here’s a step by step guide:

dividing grasses_1

Select grass to transplant

dividing grasses_2

Use spade to loosen soil around the entire root ball

dividing grasses_3

Pop entire root ball out and place on level ground surface

dividing grasses_4

With a sharp shovel or axe slice down through root ball (one plant can yield several new starts)

dividing grasses_5

Dig a hole, cover transplant up to the top of root ball

dividing grasses_6

Water and you’re done!


Photos courtesy of Old World Garden Farms

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