Top Tips For October Garden To Do’s

October 14th, 2015


*    This is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Shop early for best varieties.  I recommend planting a majority of Daffodils or Alliums because the squirrels do not like those bulbs.

*    Before a frost is a really good time to divide and move perennials, especially for perennials like hostas, ornamental grasses and irises.

*    This is the perfect time to relocate a peony; just don’t replant it too deep.

*    Prune and dispose of any diseased or infested plant debris to avoid overwintering the problem, i.e.  leaves with powdery mildew.

*    For the most part, I recommend leaving ornamental plants like grasses, hydrangeas and flowering perennials alone for winter interest and for food for the birds. I love watching the goldfinches eat from the seed heads in the garden every year.



Trees and Shrubs

*    Check over your trees and shrubs for damaged branches.

*    If you have trees that need a professional pruning now is also the best time to call a professional arborist.

*    It is still a good time to plant trees and shrubs and perennials. Look for holes now in your garden.  It is even a good time to plant some spring blooming plants that the nurseries still have on hand. No instant gratification but in the spring you will be happy you did it.



*    This is the best time of year to work on your lawn. Heavy raking now in the fall is better than doing it with the fragile grass in the spring.

*    Follow a heavy raking with a good topdressing of more than 1/2 inch of compost, especially in the thin areas of the lawn.

*    If lawn does not need a good rake and is in relatively good shape then now is a good time to apply a fall fertilizer.

watering hose

*    I always recommend cutting your grass “longer” during the spring and summer but make the last cut of the year a short one to avoid “snow mold” that many people had after the snow melted last year.



*    Lastly and more importantly water.  Keep an eye on rainfall.  Make sure newly planted shrubs and especially all trees and evergreens are well watered right until the first frost.

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