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Hydrangeas: When They Don’t Work And What You Can Do About It

September 18th, 2020

I love hydrangeas!  I put them all in my garden but when they don’t work it can be frustrating.  Here are some common problems and what you can do about them. 1) Hydrangeas not blooming: This seems to be the number one problem people have with their hydrangeas, including me! The most common hydrangeas that …Read more

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September in the Garden

August 27th, 2018

Gardening chores change so much from month to month.  Each week on Down the Garden Path Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing, discuss down to earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes. In each episode, we bring you interesting, relevant and helpful topics to help you achieve a great garden. We learn right …Read more

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Frequently Asked Questions – Grass & Plants 

May 5th, 2016

This month, I thought I would go with some of the popular questions I get asked by clients and neighbours. I hope the questions and answers I have listed here are helpful, feel free to share them with a friend. Question:  Grass seed: When is the best time to apply it? Mid May is the best time …Read more