Backyard Master Plan

Creating a backyard master plan:

Client Problem: The Client required a Backyard Master plan to visualize all of the areas in their yard that needed improving. They had a large multi level deck that had been enlarged over time. This created a large deck with extra steps, tight entertainment space and poor traffic flow. The need for large basement window created wasted space under the deck. Existing storage under the deck was low, not waterproofed and insufficient. Empty lawn area was the best space to catch some sun in this shady yard as well as the best place to view the pond but carrying furniture there was not practical.

Solution: This Backyard Master plan was created after much discussion about the variety of ways the homeowner wanted to use the space.  The upperdeck was built as one level now creating slightly higher ceiling in storage area. Improved stairs created just a 2 level deck, allowing for nice size eating area and better traffic flow. Modern railings and stone pillars are beautiful and practical. New and improved pergola looks great along side new flagstone sitting area that replaced the old lawn area. It is also now home to the new firepit that really extends the use of the yard. After the initial design was presented addressing these wants, the contractor came up with the idea to turn the basement office window into a door, providing even more light and a great entrance to the gardens and pond.