Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

October 21st, 2019

with Sean James of Sean James Consulting & Design

Trees. They provide us with so much. They clean our oxygen, give us shade, provide food and act as a habitat to wildlife. And despite all of this, whether you’re a homeowner or landscaper, there is still some debate about how to properly plant a tree.

There’s still time to plant a tree!

On this week’s episode of Down The Garden Path, we’re joined by Sean James of Sean James Consulting & Design. With time left to plant a tree in your own yard, we take a closer look at the newly published Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide.

Gardening has been Sean’s hobby and profession for over 35 years. A graduate of the prestigious Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, a Master Gardener, writer and teacher, Sean focuses on eco-gardening techniques. And this makes perfect sense because he grew up surrounded by nature near Crawford Lake in Campbellville, Ontario. He has spoken from the Maritimes to Seattle and landscaped from Nova Scotia to California. In 2017, Sean was recognized by GardenMaking magazine as one of 20 Canadians making a difference in horticulture for his work promoting various types of eco-friendly gardening. He also sits on several environmental committees and has appeared on many television and radio shows.

Tune into this week’s podcast and learn more about:

  • Sean’s involvement in the Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide
  • Why the guide is so important
  • The specific issues about tree planting the guide addresses for the landscape industry
  • Where you can get a copy of the guide

Find Sean James online:

Website: www.seanjames-consulting.ca
Facebook: @sean.james.12
Instagram: @seanjamesdesigns
Twitter: @seanjamesdesign

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2 Responses to Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

  1. Pat farquhsrson says:

    Needing 1 of : trees for privacy next to s 6’ fence. Gate is 2’ wide so restricts size of rootball
    Shady. Need a quick resolution to problem. Thanks

    • blogadmin says:

      Hi Pat,

      If you cannot remove a section of fence or gate for a larger root ball, then it will be finding the tallest tree possible in a pot.
      A little tricky this time of year as far as inventory. If it is really shady, look for a serviceberry tree. Feel free to send a picture and more
      details to my email address.