October Gardening To Dos

October 6th, 2016

Here’s what you should do this month:
  • Remove spent summer flowering plants from containers and replace with Fall Blooming Mums or Ornamental Kale.
  • Dispose of any diseased or infested plant debris, to avoid overwintering the problem. This is especially important with Peony’s this year. Cut them back and dispose of the moldy foliage.
  • Continue to remove weeds especially seed heads to prevent weeds for next year.
  • Time to plant spring bulbs. Remember, squirrels don’t like Daffodils or Alliums.


  • This is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.Divide and move perennials.
  • Keep an eye on rainfall; if it is low, make sure newly planted material and evergreens are well watered until the first frost.
  • Protect young trees from mice and rabbit damage by wrapping tree protector around the bottom portion of the trunk.
  • Leave Ornamental Grasses for winter interest and keep blooms on shrubs like Hydrangea or flowers like Echinacea for added winter interest.
  • Reapply mulch in gardens to help with moisture retention and weed control.
  • Good time to top dress and over seed your lawn

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2 Responses to October Gardening To Dos

  1. marlyn says:

    what can I do to make sure my mums make it over the winter, they are one of my favorite flowers

    • blogadmin says:

      Thanks for the question. There are a few things to make sure your mums come back next year. Make sure they are planted in a sunny summer location. Mulch around the plant very well before the frost arrives. And next summer you will need to pinch back the mums to keep them compact early in the season and then let them fill out later in the season and they will be ready to bloom. Hope that helps.