The Monarch: Saving Our Most- Loved Butterfly

October 16th, 2017

‘Down the Garden Path’ Radio Show and Podcast

Monarch: Saving Our Most Loved Butterfly Book

Author and Monarch Butterfly expert Kylee Baumle joins us to discuss her new book “The Monarch: Saving Our Most Loved Butterfly”.

Kylee discusses her 10 year journey that led her to write this book. Full of detail for naturalists, gardeners and citizen scientists to learn more about the challenges for the Monarch Butterfly and how we can all help.

We also chat about Kylee’s trip to Mexico in February of 2017, visiting one of the Monarch’s special sacred spots.

We learn about the importance of Milkweed to the Monarch Butterfly and how we can participate in a new initiative called Monarch Watch.

If scientists know where the Milkweed is then they also know where it isn’t. Tune in for this informative show.

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