Landscape Design Services

To create a Landscape Design plan I will work with you to interpret your needs and desires to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, green living space. Your landscape should fit your lifestyle, and create a usable and functional space that you will enjoy for years to come. Here are a few options for my Landscape Design Services:

Landscape Design Plan come to life

Creating your Landscape Design Master Plan* using Dynascape®

(Starting at $1000, *survey required)

Are you preparing for a major hardscaping job in your front or backyard space?

Master Plan is the foundation of your landscape and garden dream. I will join you and…

Within two weeks following our initial meeting I will…

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Landscape Design Plan: Envisioning Your Landscape  (Starting at $300)

Whether you are getting your hands dirty in a new garden or striving for a landscape revival, a hand-drawn Garden Landscape Design Plan is in order. I will join you in your outdoor spaces and…

Call now to learn more about my Landscape Design Consultation, no obligation. You can reach me at  905-903-2597

Walkabout Session: Enhancing your Existing Garden  (Starting at $150)

Do you need a professional’s advice to invigorate your existing garden? I will walk around with you and…

Sample Master Plans

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