June in the Garden

May 29th, 2018

We had a lot to talk about in this regular monthly feature show. After chatting about what was happening in our gardens this week as well as what is happening at Matthew’s garden centre we did a little rant about “PLANT TAGS”

Yes, plant tags! How misleading they can be, how many people misread them or don’t read them at all. We gave some pointers and recommendations because we want everyone to be successful gardeners, especially with their annuals.

After our rant, we discussed all the things to do in your June Garden. Best practices for pruning your Spring bloomers.

We also discussed some June Stars in the garden. Recommended trees, shrubs and perennials that start showing off in June and many of them continue impressing for the rest of the season.

We hope you enjoy this episode, we are sure you will learn something of value!


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