How To Safely Use Dormant Spray As An Effective Preventative Treatment

February 15th, 2014

On the topic of pesticides one of the best practices is prevention. By using Dormant Spray we can prevent problems from happening and us having to worry about things throughout the growing season. Dormant Spray is an environmentally friendly preventative treatment that kills overwintering insects (such as scale and mites), insect eggs and diseases, on certain hardy landscape plants.

It is a combination of 2 natural products, Horticultural Oil and Lime Sulphur and needs to be applied when the plants are still completely dormant, before leaf buds have started to swell or show any sign of green.  Fluctuating and spring-like weather might prove challenging so purchase it beforehand to have it handy for that perfect day!dormant spray kit

Choose a day between February and March when the temperature will remain at 0 degrees Celsius or above for a minimum of 24 hours, low wind and no rain or snow in the forecast. Spray in the morning so that the plant will be completely dry by evening.

Common plants that will benefit from a dormant spray application are Fruit Trees, Roses, Euonymus, Crab Apple and Honey Locust Trees, and ornamental shrubs like Highbush Cranberry and European Snowball.

Dormant Spray kits are available in your local garden stores in February.  Read instructions for further directions.

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