Great Landscapes really do start with a great plan!

October 16th, 2013

Although I must admit sometimes I think that I am the only one who understands that. Would you even think about taking a sledge hammer to your kitchen cupboards with out a plan on how the new ones are going to fit back in? Would you gut your bathroom without knowing the plans for the new plumbing?


I think we can agree that most, if not all of us wouldn’t even consider it. But for some reason we have no trouble getting out our shovel and start digging or better yet hiring someone to remove or excavate our yards or even put in a pool with out an idea of the overall plan or goal. Often this is when I get a call asking if I am free that day or the next because the reality of what could go wrong and can’t be replanted sets in…
I know this for a fact because it has happened to me countless times in all my years designing. I guess its a sensitive topic for me because I have done it myself. I have rototilled beautiful perennial gardens before I knew what they were and then replaced them with large high maintenance shrubs… that quickly over grew each other and the space.

I did that over 18 years ago and I still feel guilty!

I also guess that is why I feel so passionate about my tag line…

Great Landscapes Start with a great plan.
So keep in mind a few things:

1) Privacy with trees doesn’t happen overnight.

Trees need time and space… 3 ft between a fence and a pool or patio is not enough space for a privacy tree, the root ball doesn’t even fit. Really, really think about where that pool or patio should go.

2) Even though it takes time for plants to grow, some grow faster than others.

Keep that in mind when putting plants in front walkways or you will soon have to ” duck” everytime you walk to your front door.
3) Think ahead and do the backyard first!

I know we all want our front yards to be beautiful but if you require extensive work in the backyard do that first …
I have seen many thousands of dollars wasted when the front is ‘disturbed’ in order to get to the backyard.  The contractors try, I know they do but it can be risky.

So as I leave you with these 3 tips as food for thought please put down the shovel and think about starting with a plan, I promise you, you will never regret it!designplan

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