Gifts for Gardeners

December 10th, 2018

Gifts for Gardeners


Do you have some gardeners on your Christmas list? Do you love gardening yourself and want some ideas. We have the perfect show for you, our Gifts for Gardeners episode.

Each week on Down the Garden Path Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing, discuss down to earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes. In each episode, we bring you interesting, relevant and helpful topics to help you achieve a great garden. We learn right along with you from each other, from our research or from the guests that join us here.

This week Joanne and Matthew are¬†joined by Garden Blogger Jen McGuiness. Jen writes the blog Frau Zinnie. Upon seeing her latest blog post, which included several past Down the Garden Path guests, we invited her to be on the show to discuss her picks and we filled her in on a few of our own too. You can find the link to Jen’s blog here:¬†

I am confident you will find a wonderful gift for that person on your list.

Here are a few links to some of our past shows that feature some of the gift ideas on this episode.

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