Decorating with Live Plants and Live Material

December 5th, 2017


Down the Garden Path

Are you tired of decorating with artificial greens for the holidays? No storage space for all the decorations the other 11 months of the year? Well, there is a lot of Christmas holiday decorating you can do with live plants and live plant material, like evergreen boughs and shrub branches.

On this episode Matthew and I discuss decorating with a variety of holiday plants:



Christmas Cactus

Norfolk Pine

In addition to adding holiday decorating to your space all of these plants are excellent for gift giving.

We discussed best practices to successfully bring evergreen boughs inside for decorating your:

–         Mantle

–         Staircase banister

–         Table centrepiece

–   Why sometimes it is better to purchase a centrepiece from a florist for even more longevity

Then we shared tips for your outdoor urns like using Wilt-pruf and reasons why we no longer use oasis for our outdoor urns.

Thanks to the listeners that wrote in during our show. I know they were sad to hear this was the last show of the season but we are looking forward to being back with even more great shows on Jan 22, 2018.


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