All About Vines: Clematis

June 12th, 2018

All About Vines Part II: Clematis

In this episode of Down the Garden Path we revisit the topic of Vines. This is our second consecutive show on Vines in the Garden and we focus on Clematis on this episode.

We discuss the best planting practices, including the addition of mushroom compost or sheep manure to the planting holes as well as through the season for these heavy feeders.

Matthew also describes the 3 different groups that Clematis fall into. These groups help determine when the plant will flower and more importantly when they should be pruned. If in doubt about which group your clematis fall into, the advice is don’t prune it!

Lots of tips from our resident Clematis Consultant, my good friend Christine Male. Christine is a passionate clematis grower and she was kind enough to share many tips and even her favourite varieties with us.

Tune in now for this really informative show… then go plant a clematis in your garden!

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