A Peek Inside Rosedale Gardens

June 4th, 2013

I had the opportunity to attend a Toronto Botanical Garden tour in the Rosedale neighborhood. What an opportunity it was to see some mature and well established gardens and to see some newer and updated gardens in the area as well.

Also some interesting hardscaping.  As many people ooh’d and aah’d at some of the plants, I couldn’t help notice the steps, garden edging or water features.  There really is a lot that goes into creating a great landscape and as much as I love the plants, you can’t forget about some of the hardscaping details.

stone walkway and wall

The attention to detail here, the stone walkway and wall match the stone on the house.

walkway and garden

Simple straight lines of the walkway, match the straight lines of the garden.

walkway with natural stone edging

Dated walkway updated with natural stone edging.

sloped front yard with wall

In addition to being an attractive feature, this wall also allowed better use of their sloped front yard …

wall accommodates sidewalk grates

…and accommodated the existing grates in the sidewalk.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of Rosedale and can see how hardscaping elements can help take your garden to a new level.

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