6 Tips Everyone Should Know About Early Spring Lawn Care

April 15th, 2015

keep off grass sign1) DON’T walk on lawn or in garden while it is still wet; you will do more harm compacting the soil than good.

2) DON’T rake lawn until it has REALLY dried out; you will disturb the healthy roots more than you benefit the dead roots AND walking on the lawn really does compact the soil preventing moisture and nutrients from penetrating.

3) DON’T let the lawn companies aerate your lawns until at least May; aerating = good; machine tearing up your lawn = bad.

4) DON’T forget to take a close look at trees and large shrubs for ice damage.

5) DON’T forget that grass seed doesn’t germinate until the temperatures are between 16 and 20 degrees F. Spreading before that is called ‘feeding the birds’.

6) When should I fertilize my grass this spring? Here’s a great article that sums it all up for you!

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