3 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Use Natural Pest Control

March 17th, 2015

Natural pest control is now readily available for our yards and gardens. I thought I would share a few options since now is a great time to investigate the timing of purchasing these little critters… and yes I did say critters.

praying mantisPraying Mantis egg casings are available. These predators feed on aphids, beetles, chinch bugs and many more. A worthwhile introduction into your garden.

lady bugNative Lady bugs (Hippodamia convergens) can be purchased and released into the garden, especially for the control of aphids. They have very specific release instructions, otherwise they will all fly away… and no they do not come into our homes, these cute little guys prefer the garden!

NematodesNematodesNematodes have proven very effective for grub control. Very specific application instructions and very effective when several neighbors apply them at the same time.

Here are two Canadian websites where you can research the advantages of beneficial insects:

The Environmental Factor
Natural Insect Control

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